Best Survival Knife Kit for Off Grid Living 

Having a go-to survival knife kit is essential when living off the grid. The same can be said if you intend to spend time outdoors, whether camping, hiking, or backpacking. Even on road trips, it is always a good idea to bring some survival gear with you, such as a survival knife kit.

Emergency circumstances can happen rapidly in the great outdoors, and you’ll have to think swiftly to survive. A survival knife kit is quite useful in these scenarios. Kits can include a compass, sheath, knife sharpening, fire starter, fishing line, and other items in addition to the knife. All of this gear will help keep you safe in a dangerous survival situation. 

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You may need to gather firewood using the tools from a survival knife kit.

Even in non-emergency scenarios, survival knife kits are useful. Overall, they give you an excellent knife and several items of useful survival equipment. In fact, I’ve taken my survival knife kit out for the compass more times than the actual knife! 

I’ve picked these survival knife kits with a few things in mind: budget, versatility, size, and quality. My own survival knife kit is on this list with my own personal review. 

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The Best Survival Knife Kits

I’ve put together a list of the 5 most durable, dependable, and affordable survival knife kits on the market today to give you an idea. Even though the contents of these kits differ, they’ll provide you with the necessary gear and equipment to survive in the wild. 

whetstone survival knife kit

whetstone survival knife kit

Whetstone Cutlery Survival Knife Kit 

The Whetstone Cutlery Survival Knife Kit is seriously one of the best kits on the market. The knife is made of high quality and stays sharp for a long time out of the box. When it becomes dull, you can re-sharpen it with the sharpening whetstone included in the kit’s nylon sheath. The knife is double-bladed with a serrated top edge made completely from stainless steel. Over time, the stainless steel will prove to be sturdy and dependable. The handle is completely waterproof and made to withstand the natural elements in a survival situation. 

A compass, matches, bandages, a fishing line, and a hook are the other items included in the survival pack. These items come with a string that holds the items or ties them to something. It can be removed in an emergency situation. 


  • The knife blade stays sharp
  • The serrated blade makes it easy to cut through tough things
  • It is incredibly affordable


  • Multiple reviewers question the integrity of the compass
maxam survival knife kit

Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set

The Maxam 12-piece kit, which contains all the essential survival gear in addition to the knife, offers a great affordable option. The knife’s handle is made from hollow zinc alloy, allowing survival gear items to be kept inside. This is a great way this tool saves weight for backpacking and other survival cases. Two blades, both around 7 inches long, come with this survival knife kit. One has a double-sided serrated edge made for everyday and tough situations. The other blade has a gutting hook made for fishing. In fact, both of these knives can be used for various situations in the woods, such as chopping tree limbs, making kindling, skinning an animal, and so on.

This survival kit comes with a lot of extra gear in addition to the knife and blades. Attached to the knife’s sheath is a slingshot that can be slung to your belt or bag to carry it about the campsite or in the woods. The knife sharpener can be used on the go to fine-tune your knife. A compass is included, as is the case with most other kits.

Bandages, fire starters, matches, fishing line, weights, hooks, razor blade, small pencil, tweezers, safety pin, needle, and thread are among the other items included in this pack. As you can see, this kit includes enough equipment for you to survive in many dangerous situations. 


  • Lots of survival gear and basic requirements are included
  • Sharpening 420 stainless steel is simple
  • The two blades make it easy to gut animals and cut tough things


  • The plastic knife handle may not be able to withstand cold temperatures 
VF DONGFANG survival knife kit

VF DONGFANG Survival Knife with Kit 

This VF DONGFANG survival pack includes 12 different pieces of survival gear that can all be employed in a survival crisis. It comes with a cold-steel tactical survival knife that can be utilized for various chores at the campground or in the woods. A compact flashlight, a tactical pen, a survival bracelet, a flintstone, wire saw, tube whistle, emergency blanket, waterproof bottle, compass, multifunctional card, and a waterproof storage box are among the items included in this survival kit.

All of the survival gear in this kit is excellent quality and will hold up under adverse situations. In a frigid scenario, the emergency blanket can help you retain most of your body heat. A fire starter and compass are tied to the survival bracelet, two pieces of equipment that are crucial for wilderness survival. In a case where you are injured or crippled, the tube whistle is an excellent way to draw attention to yourself. This survival kit’s contents can be safely stored in the waterproof box, which can be easily carried from one location to another.


  • 12 pieces of reliable survival equipment
  • Contents will be stored in a waterproof storage box


  • Currently out of stock (due to high demand)
rothco survival knife kit
Rothco Ramster Survival Kit

Rothco Ramster Survival Kit 

For a long time, Rothco has been making outdoor gear for the wide-eyed adventurer. Many survivalists and adventurers have trusted their gear to keep them safe on their travels. This survival knife kit is no different. The knife included in this kit is a multi-purpose camping knife that may be used for a variety of purposes. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, meant to resist rust. This knife is great for chopping wood for the fire, skinning fish and wildlife, cutting rope, and other campsite duties. The sheath that comes with the Rothco knife can be used to store the knife.

This package includes a solo compass that can be used to keep you on track. However, unlike many other popular survival knife kits, the compass is not mounted on the knife’s handle but is completely separate from the knife altogether. Fishing hooks, lines, weights, matches, wire saws, sinkers, and needles are all included in the kit, all of which may be stowed in the knife’s handle.


  • Wire saw with finger rods for cutting fishing wires was one of the advantages.
  • To saw tree limbs and branches, use a serrated edge.


  • A little heavier than other options (worse for backpacking)
  • The compass is separate from the knife, making it easier to lose
Leadnear survival knife kit
Leadnear Survival Knife Kit 

Leadnear Survival Knife Kit 

The Leadnear Survival Kit is the survival kit that I own. These tools are made from seriously high-quality materials and made to stand the test of time. The kit comes in a compact travel case and weighs a little over a pound. Therefore, it’s easy to keep in the bottom of a backpack or car as a “just in case.” The knife is meant for any campfire task that you need and skinning fish or other animals. 

The rest of the kit contains a compass, wire saw, water bottle clip, emergency blanket, flintstone, flashlight, tactical pen, paracord bracelet, whistle, carabiner, gift bag, fishing tools, blow fire tube, screwdriver, fire tinder, spoon fork, band-aid, and an alcohol pad. The spork itself can be used as a multi-tool, as it has a bottle opener, rope hole, rope, and knife blade with a serrated edge. It could easily be used as a weapon for hunting if tied to a stick. 

In my opinion, this is a great choice to keep in an off grid homestead or for a prepping situation. Tools like these are implemental in real survival scenarios. 


  • Has the highest amount of survival tools than in any other kit
  • Made from high-quality material (many reviewers back this up) 
  • Relatively compact for the number of tools 


  • Not as lightweight as other options (I keep mine in my car)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Most Common in Survival Knife Kits?

Compasses, fire starters, fishing lines, and hooks are the most common items in survival knife kits. Weights, emergency blankets, wire saws, small flashlights, and a few other items are the other most popular things in these kits. Survival knife kits are designed to supply you with the items and tools you’ll need to survive in the woods in a life-or-death emergency. These objects will enable you to carry out various tasks that are important to your survival. Typically, the more money you spend on a survival knife kit, the more survival gear you will receive.

Why Should I Carry a Survival Knife Kit? 

It doesn’t take much for an emergency to happen when you’re out in the woods. You’ll be put in a situation that will test your fundamental survival abilities. If you lack equipment, your prospects of survival are slim. Surviving in the woods necessitates the presence of various items of equipment.

You’re usually relatively alone in the woods when living off the grid. If something happened like your power going out and your car breaking down, you might need this survival knife kit. A survival knife kit will provide you with most of the survival equipment you’ll need to survive in the woods.

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