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How to Get Internet Off The Grid? (Step By Step Guide)

Living off the grid grid means, by definition, that you are not physically connected to public utilities. Usually, this means access to the internet is limited. Some people decide to go fully off grid and live without the internet. Others, like me, decide to keep it but set up an off grid internet system.

You might be surprised to learn that having high-speed internet is entirely feasible even when off grid. In this article I’ll explain how you can set up your own connection!

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Ask Yourself These Three Questions:

Is there cellular coverage nearby?

Does the region have coverage for your cell service provider?

Do you currently have a cell service package that includes unlimited internet access?

Off grid internet setup

How to Get Off The Grid Internet: 

Cell Phone 

A cell phone can accomplish most of your everyday duties, including checking social media and email and simply keeping in touch with the outside world. You might only require a smartphone with a good signal and an updated plan with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

There are more possibilities than you would imagine. Your cell phone can connect to the internet on your PC. However, Wi-Fi hotspots may have data restrictions from some service providers. Service providers still impose data limits even on plans that advertise as limitless. Suppose you “deprioritize” after reaching the data cap. In that case, you may still be able to access the internet at a lesser rate.

This occurs more frequently in crowded places than in rural ones. Calling your phone service provider and asking about any unauthorized discounts they may have on unlimited data plans is advised. Either use a mobile hotspot to connect to your computer or tether your phone to it. Mobile hotspots are adequate in most situations, but they are not perfect for tasks that require a lot of data.

The restriction, in this case, is the strength of the local cell phone signal. Check the coverage map of your phone carrier to determine if there is cell service where you are. Online coverage maps for T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are accessible. Signal intensity is indicated on the maps by color. Remember that this is only an estimate, so proceed with caution. When you get to the place,

Cell Phone Booster 

Mobile phone boosters strengthen a poor cell signal from the cell tower in the desired location. There are no additional fees with the cell phone booster after you buy it, excluding cell service. An interior, signal booster, and outdoor antenna make up a cell phone booster.

The external antenna is located near the roof of your house and pointed at the nearest cell tower. The interior antenna is connected to the signal booster via a wire that first travels through the outdoor antenna. Your home has an indoor antenna your phone will connect to access the internet.

There are other cell phone boosters, but Weboost makes a fantastic one.

Fixed Broadband Internet

Large antennae are spread out across rural regions by private companies. When you sign up for a fixed wireless broadband service, they’ll install an antenna close to your house. A Wi-Fi router will be installed in your home, and your antenna will communicate through radio waves with the larger antenna of the private corporation.

This is a decent option if service is offered where you are. However, compared to using your phone, the internet could be slower while using a fixed wireless connection.


A membership called Unlimitedville offers limitless (it really does) Wi-Fi data. You will have access to Unlimitedville’s limitless routers and hotspots if you are a member.

Most mobile hotspots only receive five to ten gigabytes (GB) of monthly data if you choose an unlimited data plan with your cell service provider. However, Unlimitedville created its routers to offer limitless Wi-Fi for all your electronics, including TVs and game consoles.

Your proximity to cell towers affects the speed of Unlimitedville. Select a carrier plan for the area where you’ll use Unlimitedville’s hotspot with the best signal. The plans offered by Unlimitedville require monthly payments in 30-day installments. Since there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to try this option.

Wireless Turbo Hub 

Another choice is a wireless, portable internet hub with extra batteries. You would still have access to the internet even if an electric generator failed. One choice is the Turbo Hub ZTE MF275R. It is less expensive to utilize a rocket stick that connects to your computer’s USB port if you don’t require something wireless.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet might be a decent choice if none of those above options work for you. However, satellite internet is seldom the fastest choice because it has a cap. There may only be one satellite internet provider in a rural area, or if you’re lucky, a few.

Most people know HughesNet for their satellite internet options. The EchoStar XIX satellite now powers HughesNet’s Gen5 technology, which offers broadband-level efficiency. Monthly options range from 10 to 50 GB. Additionally, they provide three Mbps of upload speed and 25 Mbps of download speed. The best thing is that you can quickly manage your service using an app on your phone.


Starlink is the newest brainchild of Tesla founder Elon Musk. The company will provide the fastest satellite internet for those living in off grid rural locations. Currently, it’s not available in a ton of locations. You can check out where it’s available here

In my opinion, Starlink offers a great service for off gridders. However, the service is more costly upfront than others (averaging around $500 to set up the service). If you need high-speed, reliable internet, this might be your option! 

Is A Sattelite Dish The Best Way To Get Off Grid Internet? 

The quick response? It used to not be. Though it might be altering. This is why.

My family has not yet had much success using a satellite internet service to deliver a dependable internet connection. We found the overall experience quite frustrating due to the extremely sluggish internet speed, the outrageous monthly charge, and other factors.

We are aware of numerous people employing cell phone booster/signal booster alternatives up here and in distant locations with poor signal strength and far from cell towers.

Using your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot might be a terrific alternative depending on the radio signals, Wi-Fi signal, and type of connection accessible through your internet or mobile phone service provider.

I’m on the list for Starlink to add our location to its coverage maps. I hope this will be a good alternative, offering your family a fast speed, reliable internet connection, and unlimited data consumption.

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How to get off grid internet

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