Living Off The Grid in Mississippi (Your Complete Guide)

Living off the grid typically doesn’t come to mind when thinking about Mississippi. Many people may be hesitant to build off-grid residences in Mississippi due to high unemployment and poverty. The truth is that anything you think is negative could turn out to be positive in the end. Poverty is widespread, but this also means that land is inexpensive and that your monthly expenses will be modest.

living off the grid in mississippi
The marshland often floods in Mississippi.

General Statistics For Living Off The Grid in Mississippi

Living off the grid in Mississippi is legal, and it’s possible that it’s a good places for it. Mississippi’s climate is mild, so you won’t have any trouble finding freshwater or cultivating crops. Furthermore, the low cost of property and minimal taxes are significant advantages for anyone looking to live off-grid in this state. Mississippi, on the other hand, has a high crime rate and a failing educational system, yet you can still homeschool your children (especially when you live off-grid)!

One of the issues of living off the grid in Mississippi is black mold, which thrives in many homes – thanks to excessive humidity. The majority of Mississippi’s population lives in rural areas, and many of them have never been connected to utilities – meaning they’re many off-gridders in Mississippi. Some may argue that this is due to poverty, which is partly true, but it also means that residents understand living off the grid in Mississippi. 

Mississippi is also known as the Magnolia State because of the lovely Magnolia trees that can be seen across the state. If living off the grid in Mississippi is your dream, you will find that no matter whatever state you choose, each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. I promise you’ll never find the perfect spot.

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What’s the Climate in Mississippi?

When looking for an off-grid state, the first thing to consider is the climate. Mississippi’s climate is hot and humid in the summer, with an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and mild in the winter, with an average temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit. So, what does this mean for someone who wants to live off the grid in Mississippi? The relatively long summer means that growing crops will be no difficult; however, the extreme humidity may be oppressive.

If you take a trip through a rural neighborhood in Mississippi, you will observe that many individuals keep their doors and windows open to allow a breeze into their homes. This is because few people in rural areas have air conditioning. Because of the excessive humidity, your body will be unable to sweat correctly, which will be extremely uncomfortable if you are not used to it. The mild winters, on the other hand, imply that you won’t have to worry as much about keeping warm in the winter. 

What’s the Price of Land for Living Off The Grid in Mississippi?

When compared to other states, the cost of land in Mississippi is quite low, especially if you are from the north. Even if most people believe that land is reasonably priced, it is nearly impossible for those born and bred in Mississippi to purchase land. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, some people who live off-grid in this area may only inhabit a little piece of property in a distant spot, and you will likely notice a lot of these “hidden” off-grid dwellings and trailers.

What’s Mississippi’s Economic Climate? 

Mississippi’s economic situation is not ideal, owing to rising unemployment and a scarcity of well-paying jobs. Don’t get me wrong: there are people that make a decent living in Mississippi, but this is not the situation for the vast bulk of the population. There are some industries where finding work will be nearly impossible in Mississippi; I’m looking at you, tech world. 

On the other hand, if you want to go semi-off-grid, you will save a lot of money on basic necessities like food, water, and utilities. You’ll also find that in Mississippi, you can pay for more expensive things in monthly installments, and in some circumstances, without paying anything extra than the price. 

What is the Crime Rate in Mississippi? 

Poverty has resulted in a high rate of crime in the state, despite the fact that the median crime rate is lower than the national average. The property crime rate is actually quite high, albeit it varies by county. Basically, you’ll need to do some research based on the county you want to go to; you’ll find roughly the same statistics across the country, so don’t be alarmed.

The crime rate in Mississippi is 2.9 people in 1,000. This is well under the national average of 4.

Are There Any Living Off The Grid Laws in Mississippi? 

In Mississippi, there are currently no regulations forbidding people from living off the grid, particularly in rural areas. On the other hand, if you wish to live off the grid in the city, you can run into some difficulties because you won’t be able to disconnect from some services, which is common in all states. The beautiful thing about Mississippi is that rainwater gathering is legal, which may not be the case in other states. 

What are the Best Crops to Grow in Mississippi?

Although Mississippi is most known for growing cotton, there are a variety of other crops that thrive in the state and will make off-grid life much easier. Corn, rice, millet, and sweet potatoes are all cultivated in this state, so you shouldn’t have any trouble cultivating your own. People who live off-grid in Mississippi frequently cultivate maize and sweet potatoes, as their harvests will be much higher than in other states due to the long summer.

What’s Freshwater Availability Like in Mississippi? 

You’ll need a way to keep yourself and your crops hydrated. Fortunately, because the location is very humid, finding fresh water will not be an issue. In general, getting fresh water in the northern part of the state is much easier than in the southern part. This is because, during the summer, droughts can occur, causing the Mississippi River to diminish and, in certain situations, ocean water to move upstream and contaminate freshwater supplies.

What Kind of Wildlife is in Mississippi? 

Mississippi has a lot of wildlife, but hunting requires a permit. The regulations for hunting change year to year. I recommend checking the state’s webpage. The same is true for fishing, and you will need a separate license for both sea and freshwater fishing. 

The good news is that licenses are relatively inexpensive and simple to obtain. This is especially true for small game hunting and freshwater fishing.

How to Generate Solar Power in Mississippi? 

One of the best aspects of living off the grid in Mississippi is that you may utilize solar electricity all year. This is because the sun shines virtually every day. As the year’s pass, you’ll see an increase in the number of homes that use solar energy. Solar is becoming increasingly popular for both electricity and water heating. In some counties, the government may even pay a portion of your costs. However, this will vary from county to county.

What is the Property Tax in Mississippi? 

You will find a lot of land for sale in Mississippi. The prices may appear to be quite high for the state though. When it comes to selling property, you’d be correct in assuming that many websites will target people with higher household incomes. Checking local property listings is your greatest alternative because you will locate land for a lot less money; this also implies that you should search local publications.

What’s Road Access Like in Mississippi? 

The majority of towns are connected by highways. Although not all properties in the southern region of Mississippi have access to one. You will almost certainly have no choice but to travel by boat in some locations that are prone to flooding. There are also certain sections that are classified as marsh, and there are no roads in these places. In general, if you’re shopping for a home in Mississippi, make sure it has access to the highway.

Is Mississippi Affected by Natural Disasters? 

The state of Mississippi’s biggest concern is that it is prone to natural disasters. I don’t just mean the occasional flood or hurricane – we’re talking serious storms here. Because Mississippi is in the tornado belt, tornadoes are fairly common, with an average of 40 tornadoes each year. As the climate continues to warm, this number will only rise.

If that wasn’t enough, Mississippi is also vulnerable to floods and hurricanes. This isn’t to mention the Mississippi River, which floods every three years with varying degrees of severity. People who were born and raised in Mississippi are accustomed to natural catastrophes. The majority of them even have a disaster plan in place. Even if the flood is considered light by the locals, it’ll be large to transplants.

Can You Live Off The Grid in Mississippi? 

If living off the grid in Mississippi interests you, be sure you are aware of both the advantages and disadvantages. The number one positive aspect of this state is that land and living expenses are quite low. This won’t matter much when your house is flooded or wrecked by a hurricane every couple of years. There are definitely a few things to think about it, but overall, Mississippi is a great choice for off-grid living. 

living off the grid in mississippi

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