The Black Lily Pad Shipping Container Home 

The Black Lily Pad Shipping Container Home is a beautiful AirBnB. It is made from a single shipping container with a large covered porch, and garage door. It is a shining illustration of the tremendous potential of shipping containers. The Black Lily Pad Cabin is located on 13 acres of forest near Logan, Ohio.

Troy and Dianna Shurtz, proprietors of Ohio’s Creative Cabins, created the Lily Pad. They have three other cabins on their property, featuring a similar aesthetic and metallic finish. I recommend checking out all the cabins, as they’re each uniquely built!

Exterior of the Black Lily Pad Cabin
The cabin has a large covered porch. Under it you can enjoy a hot tub, grill, hanging day bed, and sitting area!

This is a great cabin for people looking to build their own shipping container home! Despite having a relatively small footprint, this house is equipped with everything you could need to live comfortably off the grid. The Black Lily Pad Shipping Container features a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, hot tub, grill, nearby fire pit, and a huge covered porch.

The kitchen has all the necessary appliances, including a microwave, stove, sink, and refrigerator. Along with a sizable window facing out into the forest on one wall, it also features a lot of cupboard and countertop space.

There is sizable kitchen with plenty of counter space!

Plenty of natural light enters the house from the windows above the kitchen sink! Along with the LED lighting installed throughout, it makes the space feel open and welcoming.

The warm living room’s fireplace provides heat on chilly days and nights (it’s well insulated). One of the nicest aspects of this house is the glass garage door, which is visible from the living room’s little table and couch. This door can open to enjoy a connected indoor and outdoor living space! A great idea for those that like to entertain!

The garage door creates a bright, airy feeling in the normally small living area. It enlarges the living room to encompass the sizable patio area with additional chairs when it is opened.

Moving further through the house, the toilet, vanity, and lovely corner shower are all in the spacious bathroom. Considering the size of the cargo container, it is pretty spacious. The bed is adjacent to a floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom at one end of the container. You can leave it open to view the stars at night, the forests, and wildlife, or close it for privacy.

The beautiful covered terrace doubles the home’s living area thanks to its vaulted ceiling. It’s the ideal location to spend summer evenings because it has plenty of seats, a barbecue, and even a hot tub. A fire pit with additional seating is located off the side of the patio.

The outdoor space makes the house excellent for parties, even though the home is only big enough for one or two people to live comfortably.

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The Lily Pad Shipping Container

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