Where’s the Best Place to Live Off Grid in Ohio? 

Ohio is one of the best states for living off grid since it contains everything you could want in terms of off grid life. The cost of living and land are among the lowest in this country region. While Ohio has slightly higher taxes, it is still a very affordable place to live, either on or off the grid.

The ideal spots for living off grid in Ohio are those with warm temperatures far from major cities. The counties considered best for living off grid and homesteading are in the state’s southern region, including Lawrence County, Columbiana County, Belmont County, Vinton County, Ross County, Licking County, and Williams County.

Cleveland ohio
You can’t live off grid in Cleveland, it’s just not possible.

Ohio’s climate is suitable for off grid life, though not ideal. Because the weather in this state is so variable, you can experience all four seasons in a single day. Having said that, the winters tend to be relatively long and cold. Winters in the northern portions of the state can be terrible, but they are still very pleasant if you come from one of the northern states.

If you want to live off the grid in Ohio, you should avoid Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. The expense of living in these places is relatively high. The finest off grid living possibilities are often found in the state’s southeastern regions. If you want to learn more about living off grid in Ohio, I recommend reading my Complete Guide of Off Grid Life in Ohio.

Lawrence County

Lawrence County is located in southern Ohio, and there are multiple reasons why it is one of the best spots in the state to live off the grid. The population density is modest, as is the cost of real estate; today, approximately 63k people live in 454.96 square miles. In addition, Lawrence County is outstanding because of its comparatively mild climate compared to other northern counties.

Columbiana County

Columbiana County is located in eastern Ohio. Although it has a little larger population density, it is still one of the greatest regions for living off grid. There are currently 108k people living in a 532.46 square mile area. Your finest living off grid alternatives will be in the county’s east for the most part.

Belmont County

Belmont County is located in the state’s eastern region and has a distinct charm. Belmont County can be a great spot for living off grid in Ohio because of its unique geographical location; the climate is not ideal, but the growing season for crops is quite long. The population density is also low, as is the expense of living; today, approximately 70k people live in 537.35 square miles.

Vinton County

Vinton County is located in the southern section of the state and is an excellent choice for those on a small budget. Because of the low population density, the cost of land and property is dirt cheap; today, only 14k people live in an area of 414.08 square miles. Furthermore, Vinton County is located where the climate is quite pleasant, both in the summer and in the winter.

Ross County

Ross County is the largest county in Ohio and is located in the state’s south-central region. The population density is slightly higher than in adjacent counties. Still, you will have no trouble finding adequate acreage for living off grid at a reasonable price. There are currently roughly 79k people living in 688.41 sq mi, and your best options for off grid life will be in the county’s southern regions.

Licking County

Licking County is located in the center region of the state. Hence the cost of living and property in this county is comparatively modest, especially compared to nearby counties. However, the population density is slightly higher. There are currently about 170k people living in 686.50 square miles, and your best chances for cheap land will be in the southern areas of Licking County.

Williams County

Williams County is located in the northwest corner of the state. While it is not an ideal location for living off grid, it might be one of the better ones for the appropriate person. If you are used to the northern temperature and hard winters, you will feel quite at home. Williams County has one of the lowest land and living costs in the state, with approximately 38k inhabitants living in 421.74 square miles.

living off grid in ohio

Where Should You Live Off Grid in Ohio?

As you can see, there are a few reasonably priced options for living off grid in Ohio. Keep in mind that there is a significant temperature difference between the state’s southern and northern regions. Furthermore, if you want to live as cheaply as possible off the grid, avoid larger cities.

If you’re interested in any more information of regulation for living off grid in Ohio, I recommend checking out the states website.

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