Where to Live Off Grid in Oregon? 

Oregon can be an ideal site for off-grid living and homesteading due to its large geography and low population density outside of the cities. Many people actually live off the grid in Oregon, albeit you would need significantly more capital to do so in this state than in others. Over the last few years, many people have moved to this state from California, driving up home prices.

The greatest spots to live off the grid in Oregon are in the southwest. The almost Mediterranean climate allows you to produce vegetables and generate power using solar panels. Because of the climate or the inexpensive cost of land, counties such as Curry County, Josephine County, Coos County, Jackson County, Douglas County, Wheeler County, and Harney County are perfect for off grid life.

Many people believe that Oregon’s finest spots for living off the grid or homesteading are along the shore. The truth is that if you want to live off the grid, you should live as far away from the coast as possible. Oregon is full of breathtaking scenery. You will have no trouble finding a good parcel of property for an off-grid living if you are willing to pay a little more.

Because Oregon is rather large, it has a variety of climates. The type of climate in a certain place will impact what you can plant and how you will be able to live off the grid. For the most part, you should choose a mild climate, which may be found in the state’s southwestern regions, which have a Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean environment allows you to cultivate various vegetables, and the winters are significantly warmer than in the north.

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What are the Best Counties for Off Grid Living in Oregon? 

Curry County

Curry County, located in the state’s far southwest, is a good place to live off the grid in Oregon. This means you’ll get the most out of the Mediterranean climate. Curry County has a low population density, with approximately 23k inhabitants living in 1,627 square miles. Suppose you desire to live off the grid in Curry County. In that case, your greatest alternatives will be in the county’s southernmost areas.

Josephine County

Josephine County is adjacent to Curry County, meaning you will continue to benefit from the Mediterranean climate. Despite having a very high population density, Josephine County lacks access to the coast. Approximately 85k people live in an area of 1,640 sq mi; adequate land for off grid living can still be found, but it will be somewhat more expensive due to the high population density.

Coos County

Coos County has a Mediterranean climate for the most part, with access to the coast. Keep in mind that if you want to live off the grid in this country, your greatest possibilities will be in the south and southwest. Coos County has a comparatively high population density of roughly 64k people living in 1,600 square miles. The cost of off-grid property is much lower in the county’s east than in the west.

Jackson County

Jackson County has a relatively high population density, with approximately 215k inhabitants living in 2,785 square miles. Even though most of the high population density is focused around the larger cities. Because of the county’s size, you should have no trouble finding adequate land for off-grid living. In general, the eastern areas of the county have the lowest land prices.

Douglas County

In Oregon, Douglas County is a medium-sized county; several counties are quite large. The good news is that the population density is modest compared to the county’s size. Approximately 110k people live in an area of 5,037 square miles, making it incredibly easy to discover suitable acreage for off-grid living. The finest places to live off the grid in Douglas County are mostly in the south.

Wheeler County

Wheeler County is located in the northern section of the state, and if you are on a low budget and want to live off the grid, this is the perfect option for you. Wheeler County has a very low population density, with only about 1500 people living in 1,715 square miles. Although this county lacks the Mediterranean environment, land prices are among the lowest in the state.

Harney County

Harney County is the largest county in Oregon. Yet, the population density is exceptionally low, with only about 8k people living in 10,135 square miles. If you want to buy a large property plot for off-grid living, Harney County is your best bet. The average price of land in this county is one of the lowest in the state, so you could get a good deal if you opt to live off the grid here.

Mount Hood in Oregon

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Oregon boasts a plethora of excellent off-grid living options. For the most part, if you want to save money when purchasing a plot of land, you should avoid the state’s western regions because the prices are much higher, especially the closer you come to the beaches.

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