Where to Start Homesteading in Texas? 

Texas is one of the greatest states for homesteading, but you must choose your off-grid spot carefully due to its vast size. When it comes to homesteading in Texas, not all counties are created equal. Because the state is so huge, the climate in different sections of the state can vary greatly. The climate in Texas is mostly semi-arid, which is not ideal for homesteading, while there are a few locations where it is not too hot.

The greatest places to homestead in Texas are those with a favorable climate for growing crops and a low cost of living; these areas are often found in East Texas. Off-grid living and homesteading are popular in Red River County, Collin County, Sabine County, Panola County, Brewster County, Dallas County, and El Paso County.

The low cost of living and low property prices are two of the key reasons many individuals select Texas as their homestead destination. Texas’s population is expanding every year. As Big Tech moves from California to Texas, the cost of living and property prices will rise dramatically. Due to its size, Texas provides a plethora of excellent homesteading opportunities.

There are two locations in Texas to avoid if you wish to homestead: the coast and the northwest. The cost of living and housing is rather high along the coast; nevertheless, the temperature in the northwest is extremely hot, making homesteading life in this area challenging. 

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Scenic homestead in rural Texas
Here’s a beautiful homestead in a rural part of Texas.

What are the Best Counties for Homesteading in Texas? 

Red River County 

If you’re interested in living off the grid in Texas, Red River County is definitely one of your finest possibilities. The climate is pleasant, and the area receives a lot of rain each year, which is vital if you want to capture rainwater. The population density is rather low; now, roughly 13k people live in an area of 1,050 sq mi, which implies that land is inexpensive because there is little demand for it.

Sabine County 

Sabine County is located in eastern Texas and is ideal for off grid living and homesteading, especially if you want to raise your own veggies because Louisiana’s climate is similar to that. Many people live off the grid in this area, so if you’re seeking to buy, you’ll have no trouble finding a well-established homestead. Sabine County currently has roughly 10,000 people scattered throughout an area of 490 square miles.

Panola County 

Panola County is a wonderful site for homesteading since it contains everything you need, low housing costs, and, most importantly, low living costs. The climate is excellent for crop growth. With enough forethought, you should be able to cultivate veggies all year round. Panola County has a population of roughly 24k people and has an area of 801 square miles.

Brewster County 

Brewster County is your greatest option for dirt cheap acreage in Texas. This county’s climate is arid to semi-arid, which is not good for growing your own food. Brewster County is large, covering over 6,193 square miles and containing approximately 10,000 people. However, if you are on a tight budget, you should look into this county, particularly if you wish to homestead.

Dallas County

Due to its high population density, Dallas County may not appear to be a favorable site for homesteading at first glance. With that stated, Dallas County contains everything you’d need for off-grid life (if you have some extra cash). The cost of living and property prices are among the highest in the state due to the high population density. Still, if money isn’t an issue, Dallas County is a great site for homesteading and off grid life.

Collin County

Collin County has a somewhat high population density. Yet, acquiring adequate acreage for homesteading will be easy; there are several regions perfect for this lifestyle. Approximately 970k people live in an area of 848 square miles, which indicates that property and living costs will be slightly higher than the state average. Collin County is ideal for homesteading because of its local climate, which is still hot but not as hot as Texas’s.

El Paso County 

El Paso County is located on the westernmost tip of Texas, with dry to semi-arid weather. Although the environment in El Paso County is not ideal, many individuals homestead in this county. The population density is relatively high, yet the cost of land and living is slightly lower than the state average. Approximately 840k inhabitants live in an area of 1,013 sq mi, and your best possibilities for off grid living are in the county’s northern regions.

Final Thoughts on Homesteading in Texas

As you can see, there are numerous possibilities for homesteading in Texas. No matter where you wish to live off the grid, evaluate the local climate. The local environment largely affects how easy or difficult it will be to homesteading successfully.

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