Where to Live Off Grid in Kentucky? 

Kentucky is ideal for off grid living because the climate is mild, and there are numerous crop alternatives. Furthermore, property prices are substantially lower than the national average, which is a great plus if you want to buy an off grid property or a homestead. You may live off the grid reasonably happily anyplace in Kentucky. At the same time, a few counties are clearly superior.

Kentucky’s best off grid communities have an abundance of rich land, reasonable property costs, and, most critically, clear groundwater. Off grid living and homesteading are popular in Pike County, Jefferson County, Robertson County, Christian County, Pulaski County, and Hardin County.

If you are looking for an off grid property or a block of land for off grid living, there is one additional thing to check for: groundwater. Kentucky has an abundance of groundwater throughout the state, making it perfect for off grid living. However, many counties in Kentucky have groundwater concerns, not because there aren’t any, but because the groundwater is contaminated.

Kentucky has a lot of large livestock farms, and the runoff from these farms contaminates the groundwater regularly. So, if you’re planning to buy a piece of land in Kentucky and want to use the groundwater, make sure to test the water first. On the other hand, because Kentucky receives a lot of rain, you can always collect it. If you’re looking for more information about off grid living in Kentucky, you can read my complete guide here.

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What are the Best Counties for Off Grid Living in Kentucky? 

Pike County

Pike County is ideal for off grid living because it is located in the eastern portion of the state and provides everything you would need for off grid living. The population density is rather high, with approximately 64k people living in 788 square miles. Pike County is ideal for off grid life because the plains are rather rich, and the groundwater is generally uncontaminated.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County has the highest population density in the state, with over 760k people living in 385 square miles. Many people believe that Jefferson County is not suitable for off grid living due to its high population density. However, most residents live in Louisville, which has a population of 620k people. The disadvantage of living off the grid in Jefferson County is that off grid acreage is more expensive than the rest of the state.

Robertson County

Robertson County is an excellent choice if you want to live off the grid on a budget. This County is one of the state’s smallest counties, with an extraordinarily low population density. Robertson County has just 2.2k people living in 100 square miles. Because of the low population density, the property price for off grid living and homesteading is extremely inexpensive in this county.

Christian County

This area has an abundance of agriculture, and the groundwater is generally clean. Christian County is the largest county in the state, with a population density of roughly 75k people living in 721 square miles.This county contains all you need for off grid life, yet property prices in some county regions can be quite high.

Pulaski County

Pulaski County is one of the largest counties in the state; the population density is pretty high, but you can find sufficient acreage for off grid living for a reasonable price. Pulaski County has approximately 64k inhabitants living in 662 square miles. This county offers everything you would need for living off the grid, including an abundance of agricultural farmland and good groundwater.

Hardin County

Hardin County is one of the largest counties in the state, with a population density of roughly 109k people living in 628 square miles. The land in Hardin County is also one of the most fertile in the state. It is one of the greatest places to live off the grid in Kentucky. However, the groundwater in some regions of the county is contaminated, so you should investigate before purchasing a parcel of property.

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Final Thoughts on Off Grid Living in Kentucky

As you can see, there are a handful of excellent possibilities for off grid living in Kentucky. The state is great for off grid living, albeit you must ensure that the groundwater is clean before purchasing a block of land.

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