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Why Are Your Blueberry Leaves Curling? 

Your blueberry leaves may be curling for several reasons. It’s most likely because they are not receiving enough direct sunlight. However, if the leaves are curling downward, the soil may not be draining quickly enough, or the plant may have been overwatered. The most frequent causes of blueberry leaves curling and changing color are a shortage of nutrients in the soil or an improper soil PH level.  

Blueberry plants are thought to be relatively disease and pest-resistant. However, this relies on your region’s climate and the variety of blueberries you are cultivating. Far too many people plant hundreds of blueberry bushes, only to discover that they can be difficult to grow. Blueberry bushes have extremely specific requirements that must be met for the plant to thrive.

Even if you have done extensive research on planting and caring for blueberry bushes, some plants will still have trouble. Your blueberry bush’s leaves will be the first indication that things aren’t going well. If the leaves are struggling, the whole plant is also struggling.

Now let’s get into everything you need to know about blueberry leaves curling!

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Common Diseases For Blueberries 

The most prevalent ailments that afflict blueberries are anthracnose, mummy berry, and botrytis. These illnesses spread when diseased material comes into touch with healthy development. It thrives during the seasons when it is more humid (I’m looking at your Spring and Summer).

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Notice Your Blueberry Leaves

Blueberry Leaves Curl Up

Many people may plant young blueberry bushes in a shaded spot to shield their leaves. This is because blueberry leaves can be damaged by bright sunshine if they are newly planted. The telltale indicator that the blueberry bushes aren’t getting enough direct sunlight is when their leaves start to curl up. While many plants benefit from indirect sunlight, blueberry bushes require direct sunshine to thrive.

Some pests, such as caterpillars, can cause the blueberry bush’s leaves to curl up. Make sure you inspect the underside of the leaves when you check; there may be a caterpillar pupating there.

Blueberry Leaves Curl Down 

Blueberry bushes require well-draining soil. When their leaves curl down, it usually means the earth is holding on to too much water. Alternately, it can be an indication of either underwatering or overwatering. Whether you typically water your blueberry plants, try stopping for a week to see if the leaves will regrow. On the other hand, if your region’s environment is relatively hot and you don’t often water the blueberry bushes, you might wish to do so.

Mulching the blueberry plants will help them retain moisture if their leaves curl downward from a lack of water.

Blueberry Leaves Turning Red 

Your blueberry bush is undoubtedly having trouble if its leaves are curling and turning red simultaneously. This typically occurs in the first few weeks following replanting. Still, on occasion, it may even start to appear on mature blueberry plants. Lack of nutrients in the soil is one of the most likely reasons for this; blueberry bushes need phosphorus and magnesium to thrive.

Make sure to incorporate some fertilizer for blueberry bushes into the soil. Then watch it for a few weeks. If the issue still exists, it may be because the soil’s PH level is off; blueberry bushes require acidic soil with a PH range of 4.5 to 4.8.

Blueberry Leaves Turning Yellow 

It is obvious when the leaves of blueberries curl and turn yellow that the plant is lacking in iron. This does not necessarily imply that the soil is deficient in iron; rather, what typically occurs is that the blueberry bush is unable to really absorb the required iron. This frequently occurs when the soil’s pH is very high; the more acidic the soil, the more difficult it will be for the blueberry bush to absorb nutrients.

Make sure to measure the true acidity of the soil because after you alter it to be more acidic, you’ll see that the blueberry leaves turn green once more.

Blueberry Leaves Turning Brown 

When a blueberry bush’s leaves start to curl and become brown, the plant receives too much sunshine, which some species of blueberry bushes can’t tolerate. However, this can also indicate that the bush isn’t getting enough water. The sunlight the plant receives each day is the most likely culprit if you are watering your blueberry bush fairly frequently, but the leaves are still turning brown.

Try replanting the blueberry bushes in a location where they won’t be exposed to direct sunshine all day long or provide shade for them. On the other hand, given that blueberry bushes often have shallow roots, the soil’s inability to hold water might also be brought on. To fix the problem, add some green mulch, such as grass clippings, to the area.

Final Thoughts 

The blueberry leaves are curling and even changing color for a few reasons, as you can see. My advice is to begin the process of elimination, go over the most likely explanations, and start excluding the ones that don’t apply to you.

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Why are your blueberry leaves curling?

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